Cute Evolution

In the event that mutants do eventually become a threat to national security and try and make peeps disentegrate into spizzle, I would hope that this dashing young gentleman would opt-in for the cure.
Everybody talking about this dudes arms...what about that SHIT on his face? Is that some Phantom-Op melty-face stuff? Don't even get me started about dudes fashion sense. Get out of bed and do something with your life you little 3-armed shit. No, dude, no...I am NOT giving you a high 15.

Anyway, enough about Art Adams styled X-Babies. Since it's the official first post from Magic School©, I gift you these two tracks. Sorry about the yousendit, we're gonna get a real website real soon for real.

Te Estoy Amando Locamente by Las Grecas
And for added visual enjoyment. My boy Nicky W. gave me the heads up about this gypsy duo. I really don't have much to say about this except Nicky W. has and always be up on the latest and greatest and oldest and boldest.

Lady by Thieves Like Us
I saw this trio at Lit in March and was pretty impressed by Dude 1 rocking the Roland Octapad and Dude 2 rocking the Korg Polysix and Dude 3 singing kinda like whatever-and-melt-with-you-west-end-us-apart.

And I pass the sthick to Bwad...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am outraged by Juan's attack on this defenseless mutant baby... I know for a fact that your fashion sense "SIR" is no better than this bed-bound abomination. Only you have graduated to big boy undies.

10:24 AM  

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