A Backwards Glance O'er Travelled Roads

This is the name of a mix tape I got for my high school graduation from a dear friend. It was probably a pretty typical mid-90's indie rock tape. But it was all new on me. I can directly place my musical taste now back to this tape. I think it may happen to everyone at some point, and I can be nothing but grateful this tape had good taste.

This is the second song from the Backwards Glance tape. Spent was an early Merge band. There were two songs by them on the mix. This is my favorite by them, and maybe my favorite from the whole tape. I have to say, though, if you were to go back and listen to it now, the tape acts as a sort of greatest hits of a generation. Mostly, I remember loving the lyrics to this one. To this day, I still love the title to that song. It comes from the album, Songs of Drinking and Rebellion. I recall being pleased as punch to make this discovery when I went to buy the cd from the Newtown Book and Record Exchange.

Plenty is Never Enough by Tenement Halls

There are certain songs you listen to because you like the lyrics, and others you like because something about the music, be it rhythm, melody, what have you. Sticking with the Merge theme, this band's most recent offering does both for me. But mostly, I love that hook. The lyrics are icing for me on this song. There is a certain bounce to the melody that just brings great memories from my early twenties to mind. And the end of the song lingers like the final moments before a party is over. The guests are trickling out the door, and the hosts look at one another and smile.


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