Cactopus: More Songs from the Road

The desert is hot. Real hot.

Yesterday, we drove down from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I hadn’t been to L.A. since I was, like, 10. We stopped by a friend’s house and went to the Coach and Horses, over in Hollywood, to watch the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals. It is one of the darkest bars I’ve ever been in, and painfully hip. Good game. The bartender gave us a round of Hurricane shots, because we were not only the only Hurricanes fans, we were the only ones in the bar who even remotely gave a shit about the game. Afterwards, we caught some Thai food right up the street from Amoeba Music. I was told it was known for hiring real cute Thai girls. I wasn’t too impressed. After dinner, Tha Nood and I decided to make tracks for Arizona. This was, at best, a hasty decision. We made it, but there wasn’t a campsite anywhere even close to us. After an ill-fated attempt at sleeping in the back of the truck at a rest stop, we doubled back into California and got a motel room.

While in L.A., though, we saw some cool shit. My friend, Missy, lives in a sweet neighborhood. She’s five or so blocks from Amoeba, just a block from Sunset, on which are just tons of cool boutique stores and the like. Not so much on the food tip, but she does live right around the corner from this place, Baby Melt. It’s got every imaginable collectible you could think of for the Giant Robot set.

Serenade by Steve Miller Band

I don’t care how cheesy Steve Miller is. I love this song. I think it’s probably my favorite of any of his songs. And it’s a perfect road jam. The guitar has momentum. The percussion work (especially the cymbals) accentuates that momentum. And the vocals are pretty cool in the way that Steve Miller warbles his voice here and there. Sure, the lyrics are pretty bad. But that isn’t the point. In fact, I like lyrics because they are bad. Tha Nood wanted to kill me when I put it on yesterday.

Los Angeles by Frank Black

Yes, I am aware of how trite it must be to listen to this song as you drive into L.A. And again, I don’t care. This song is awesome. I can’t think of one bad thing about it, other than it isn’t infinite.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists

OK, this song sucks in almost every way. The lyrics are hopeless. The melody is tired. And the drumming is so sloppy as to render the entire song just about unlistenable. We heard this abortion on our way out of L.A. I’d been hearing a lot of buzz about this band, and was pretty curious. Well, my curiosity is assuaged, and Tha Nood and I can assure you, you need not look further into this band.



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you guys are such hipsters, love the travelogue, love it

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