Chewbacca Rock

Gnarls was the only entertaining thing I saw last night. George Lucas should re-do that scene from the Return of the Jedi where Luke pulls off Darth's mask and instead of a crusty-mothball-and-old-spice-smelling-old-white dude you get the Soul Machine.
On another note-
I really want to buy this DVD if just for the song in the trailer but I can't find it online anywhere. Maybe I should just fly(walk?) to the UK and go to the local Barnes and Noble or Blockbuster or Starbucks and ask if they have
"Icy Streetz the DVD." While I'm there I guess I could also pick this track up instead of watching the video over and over again.
Would that make me CRAAAAAZY...your left eye is LAAAAAAAZY...I'm ghost like SWAAAAAAYZE...or Bill CosBEEEEEEY!


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