Dude, Get Some.

I'm a big fan of tiny labels with consistently cool rosters. The Social Registry is one such label (and two of their most recent releases are featured below). A couple years ago, they released a 12" only EP by Jah Division (a side project that included Kid Millions, of Oneida) with the track, Dub Will Tear Us Apart, on one side. It's kinda awesome.

Right to Lite Tonight by Blood on the Wall

These people like to rock. Their album, Awesomer, pretty much testifies to that. It starts off with a slow heater, but then hits its stride and chugs right along. This is my favorite track. It's the guitar line. I can't put my finger on why I like it so much, but it's great.

January Rain by Psychic Ills

I had heard of Psychic Ills before, but hadn't really listened to their music. This is from their forthcoming album, Dins. I'm a total sucker for some reverbed-out guitar and hushed, whispery lyrics.



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