Holy Hipster, Batman! It's Austin!!

Jesus we drove today. And yesterday. In fact, I drove today, which is something I rarely get the chance (or offer myself) to do. Today was all about getting the hell across Texas. Last night, we stopped over in El Paso to put in our day's worth info about California and Arizona. All generalizations aside, El Paso sucks. And on the way out, I was feeling very agitated and anxious. Being in Texas, for someone like me, is like being in middle school. Everything about it pretty much makes you want to disappear. Or for it to disappear. Just so long as one or the other ceases to exist.

Thankfully, the sun fell. After that, things got pretty awesome. Tha Nood and I decided to push the driving, so we could get within an easy drive of Austin, our midway destination, our safehouse. The temperature dropped. The skies were clear, and full of stars. The traffic eased. Good time to drive. We spent the night in Ft. Stockton, TX. Unless you are tired, I'm pretty sure there is no other reason to go there.

We made Austin in great time. Got in touch with Missy's sister, Jenn, who was also an old neighbor of mine from Boston. She and Gabe (other neighbor as well), showed me and Tha Nood a real good time. Recommended bars: the Shakepeare, the Casino, Sidebar. Everything we had in common: the Pixies. If Gabe didn't have to go on a trip at 6am, I would've suggested we party all night.

Bone Machine by the Pixies
I went and saw them when they came through town last summer. Usually, I balk at reunion tours - too many bad ones. But the Pixies are a different breed. See, it doesn't matter that they've grown older. They haven't gotten old. They can be as relevant today as they were when they began. It's a reunion show that sucks where the band in question is clearly doing it for the paycheck (go to your local fairground for one of these. . . Shit, at this point, you could go to just about anywhere to find one). No, the Pixies clearly had a good time onstage at my show, and by most reports, at most of their shows on the tour. I won't try to speak for all of them. Shit happens.



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