How to Tell Your Insides You Hate Them

Yesterday, Tha Nood and I woke up early and headed out to the disc golf course near Jenn and Gabe’s house. It was hot (duh), and a little overcast. By the ninth hole, though, the clouds had burned off and we were in serious sun. This course was probably one of the nicest courses I’ve ever played (we were told by a guy we saw on the course that it’s the second most played course in the U.S.). The terrain was pretty much ideal, a little rocky, some good vegetation, trees, etc. And the fifteenth hole was the most fun hole I’ve ever played in my life, and not just because I got my only birdie of the day.

So, Austin really should change its name to, Awesome, because that’s what it is. Now, we're on to New Orleans. Got some new snacks to snack on. Corn Nuts® brand Nacho Cheese flavored snacks. Not bad. Not as good as plain Corn Nuts®. I found a new flavor Gatorade®. It’s orange + tropical fruit. Again, not bad. But not as good as the best flavor ever: Citrus Cooler. Citrus Cooler is so Braddamned good! General orange flavor, with just hint of lemon somewhere on the finish. And I finally realized the perfect snack to satisfy my salt craving without turning my tongue inside out, as happens to me with potato chips – the Better Cheddar®. The only thing that could make the Better Cheddar® actually better would be a big ol’ can of Easy Cheese®. I fully intend to pick one up at our next stop.

Space for Rent by Who Made Who

We played most of this album as we crossed the bayou of Louisiana. It's not offensive or anything, but at the same time, not awesome. The beats are stale throughout, and I think it's their biggest weakness. The lyrics could benefit from some actual inspiration, as well. Mostly, it's just another generic electro-I-hope-they-like-this-in-the-clubs album.

Modern World (Original) by Wolf Parade

I'd not heard this version of the song before yesterday, and I have to say, it's effing sweet! A little lo-fi, but it gives it some nice space. And the having the synths way up in the front makes you realize that Wolf Parade isn't as straightforward a rock outfit as you might think listening to the rest of the album or seeing them alive.



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