I'm Ecstatic!!

Penny, Look Down by Decibully

I saw these guys open for DeYarmond Edison in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dude has a real sweet voice. This track doesn't showcase it as much as some other tracks do, but it's probably their most upbeat. This song stomps, and I like that.

Free Man by Awesome Color

When I was at the record store recently, a friend gave me Ecstatic Peace's Sweet Release #1, which is a self indulgent little publication put out by Thurston Moore and Andrew Kesin. Ecstatic Peace is their label, and they accomplished a hot feat by securing a distribution deal with Universal Records, which will basically allow Ecstatic Peace to function as a major, but with better taste. Awesome Color is the first band on the accompanying cd in the back of the zine. It's easy to see why Moore would be interested in them, because, besides being Awesome they sound just like Sonic Youth. Still, the song is solid, even with all that Sonic Youth sound alike stuff.



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