A Little Thing Called Effort

It was 06/06/06, around 10pm, when it all went to shit. I went and saw the Omen.
That movie is just plain bad. Would it kill a major studio to put a little effort behind a movie? I mean, everything that happened, happened for no discernible reason. I didn't realize it was such a gigantic pain in the ass to create a little motivation for your script. You can't just say that a child is the son of the devil. You need to show me that shit. Give me a reason to believe he's Satan's child. And having Mia Farrow do a psycho job, killing people is not a good enough reason.

Punks In the Beerlight by Silver Jews

This song came on the radio as I was driving around, running errands the other day. I've had the album for a little while, and this song just made my day. See also the video for "How Can I Love You if You Won't Lie Down."

Cattle and the Creeping Things by the Hold Steady

For a good eight months or so, I would pick this album up and look at it because I was pretty sure I wanted it. But invariably, I'd put it back on the shelf and end up buying something else. Mistake, mistake, mistake. This is some of the best rock that's been made in years. Years. Sure, it's bar rock. But it's good bar rock. And that is the shit!


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well BF, you know that i agree with you hard on the Hold Steady, just wanted to show a little support for the site.

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