Road Trip! A travelogue in love.

San Francisco is a great town. I don't think I need to explain why.

So, after an arduous journey, through a couple of our nation's second best airports, I got here. We ate a delicious pizza at a place called, Delfina. Dudes made some good pizza, and I didn't realize Green Goddess is an actual style of dressing. Afterwards, we met up with some crazy folks and got obliterated. Go figure.

Today's post is all about the road music. I learned a lesson last time I was out about the importance of bringing classics along for the journey. You can't just bring your most recent favorite music along with you. It usually just doesn't fit the bill of shit you need to hear. No, there's something about older music you know and love. Songs everyone has heard and can relate to. I found myself wanting to hear Neil Young, and kicking myself for not bringing it along. This time, better.

Sedan Delivery by Neil Young

The stand out rocker of the album. This is some serious we're-driving-across-the-desert song. Nothing is better than when Neil Young decides to rock out. And he's dirty. But his voice is sweet.

Powderfinger by Neil Young

This song, however, gets there. The imagery in Powderfinger is masterful. Towards the end, he kinda loses the voice, but that's just me being picky.


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