Wowwee Zowwee

Wolf Like Me by TVOTR

What's up with all the wolf shit lately? Tiger Bear Wolf(rock),Wolf Parade(rule), Wolfmother(rot), Wolf Eyes(roctk)?! I mean seriously...I know people have been talking about this trend for a while but seriously. WTF?
Don't you all remember that kid who wore those black t-shirts with super elaborate collages with the close-up wolf face on top of a forest landscape on top of another wolf howling at the moon on top of a pack of wolves running in the wind?

Was that cool in middle school where you grew up?....?......?.......?

You kids and your irony.
BTW, the TVOTR song is amazing.
Preorder this(OMG!)album or the wolves have won.
Pump up the volume all you Christian sLaters.


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