You're Going To Be On Letterman One Day

Marathons by The Heist and the Accomplice

What the hell did you do the summer between graduating from
high school and starting your first year of college? If you were like me you probably sat on your ass watching syndicated re-runs of "Salute Your Shorts"and "Hey Dude" knowing full well that your life officially sucked big fat ones and that the "Betty" of the show was going to eventually marry Ben Stiller.

BUT if you're like the guys in The Heist and the Accomplice then you were probably travelling around with 4 of your best friends playing free shows and promoting your self-released CD and telling peeps that you sound like Broken Social Scene. Oh you cute little scamps! You don't have to tell me that to impress me. The fact that you're 17 or 18 and your cd is pretty damn good for 27 or 28 year olds is impressive enough.

I've added this song to my "Summr Jamz" playlist.
Don't worry...my life is pretty awesome now.


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