Funnier than those new Chappelle Shows


The Beach Is A Good Place

Rockers by Isolee

It's like an air conditioner or refridgerator that done learnt to make music.
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I Eat Because I'm Lonely and I'm Lonely Because I Eat

Just Like We(Breakdown) by Hot Chip

What is it about Hot Chip that endears them to my heart like a bunch of kids touring around the east coast making comparisons between themselves and my favorite supergroup?(watch the new video w/ Geddy Lee!)
Maybe it's the fact that they write semi-leftfield dance/electronic music about Prince, depressing macaroni and cheese dinners, and just overall bad luck, or maybe it's because I've realized that these guys are HUGE fucking nerds.

Big fucking talented nerds that I want to be friends with.

Coming On Strong
was the first full length US release and blogs were all over it for good reason, and it still gets a lot of play in my Escalade(you know it!). With The Warning, Hot Chip find themselves on DFA, the 2nd most love/hated of love/hated labels(I love/hate dim mak waaay more) and with a dancier-more-upbeat-still-depressing-in-a-good-way cache of songs all of which are AMAZING.